International Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IJPAC)


8. Determination of pKa Values of Some Phthalocyanines in Non Aqueous  Dipolar Aprotic (Protofilic) Solvents

Fatih Islamoglu*, Selami Sasmaz, Ismail Aksu and Cihan Kantar

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences and Arts, Rize University, Rize 53100, Turkey.

Abstract: Some phthalocyanines were titrated with tetrabutylammonium hydroxide (TBAH) in non-aqueous dipolar aprotic (protofilic (N,N - dimethylformamide  and  DMSO)) solvents,   using   potentiometric   method.   The    half  neutralization  potential  values  and  the  corresponding  pKa  values  were  determined for  all cases. The    half  neutralization  potential  values  were determined between -465.81.3 and -494.31.4. pKa  values  were  determined between 14.870.11 and 15.340.07 in N,N - dimethylformamide  and  DMSO media.

KEYWORDS: Phthalocyanines, tetrabutylammonium hydroxide, potentiometric method.